The Armstrong Williams collection displays some of the country’s most thought provoking conversation in addition to fostering future leaders for generations to come. 

"Armstrong Williams becomes largest black owner of TV stations in America"


Owned and operated by veteran journalist, entrepreneur, and television producer Armstrong Williams. We at HSH, believe our programming should be groundbreaking, authentic, and enriching. Our belief is to broadcast content that is in line with truth and family values.

We stay true to that core by honoring the parents of our name, Howard Stirk Holdings. The name “Howard Stirk” is taken from Williams’ mother’s maiden name, Howard, and his father’s middle name, Stirk. The name acts as a beacon, remembering the humble, hardscrabble beginnings of the Williams family in rural South Carolina.

The broadcast television industry contains less the 2% minority ownership, so we are committed to diversity and not just in the traditional sense. The stories we tell are true to the hallmarks of journalism which are to talk about the facts, shine a light on topics that are neglected, and enrich the minds of our viewers.

We appreciate your support as we write television history and tell the countless stories from main street to wall street as it's told by the citizens of the world.



Proven relationships built in the world of media.


The Graham Williams Group was founded by conservative media commentator Armstrong Williams with Stedman Graham in 1991.

According to one promotional brochure, cited by the University of Southern Carolina, "Williams offers clients the knowledge of a Washington insider who understands both the workings of Congress and the concerns of corporations."

William's biographical note describes the company as "an international public relations and media firm based in Washington, D.C., with clients in entertainment, politics, business, and charitable organizations."



The creative engine producing A-1 content!


Armstrong Williams Productions, LLC (AWP) owned and operated in partnership with David O. Modell and Colby M. May was founded November 28, 2008 by Armstrong Williams. AWP was formed to produce radio, television and Internet based programs such as, The Armstrong Williams TV Show which examines topics on health, finance, politics, and education through intriguing and provocative commentary. The RightSide with Armstrong Williams Radio show, a family oriented program that captivates audiences through distinguished guests who are asked questions that Americans care about. The RightSide with Armstrong Williams is a weekly radio program that airs Monday through Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST on SiriusXM Urban View Channel 126, where more than 35 million adult subscribers tune in (32 million of which are weekly listeners). 



High-end dialogue during a pivotal time!


Political commentator and nationally syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams continues in the tradition of the 1994 Republican Revolution.

The Right Side with Armstrong Williams  focuses on events on a national and international scale diving into robust circumstances that impact the nation. The Right Side with Armstrong Williams is a taped television program that airs weekly in 171 markets across the U.S.


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Washington's Favorite Weekly Forum


“The Right Side Forum” will deliver a relaxed, Saturday morning format featuring Williams and a wide range of local, national, and international guests. The show will address some of the underlying concerns and perspectives surrounding the week’s events, with a little more perspective than weekly news yet less spoilage than the Sunday shows. Williams promises that viewers will get the benefit of timely news and perspective before the topics have been completely trampled by the media.

- Warner Todd Huston, BREITBART NEWS