A Recap of our Veterans show on SiriusXM

By: Kevin Chiucchini

This weekend in New York City, up to 25,000 veterans will proudly march up 5th Avenue in uniform with hundreds of thousands of spectators lined up to celebrate their service to our country and military. A beautiful and powerful sight to see, but how many of our veterans are not marching this weekend in their local parade? 

On Thursday, Army and Q had the pleasure of speaking to veteran Adrian Atizado, the National Legislative Director for Disabled American Veterans. The DAV is a wonderful service that is one of the nation’s largest charities providing assistance to veterans and their families. More often than not, people prefer to simplify problems that need to be addressed rather than take into account the many factors or pieces that create a whole. Many will come and celebrate the people marching in Saturday’s parade, but what about the people standing in the crowd? Who will help the disabled vet bound to a wheelchair get home later that afternoon? How about the vet with missing limbs that has difficulty feeding and cleaning him or herself?

In the first hour, we discussed the issues that caregivers face not only financially, but emotionally as well. Adrian brought up a startling fact, under current federal laws 80% of severely injured veterans are ineligible for caregiver benefits. So who are the 20%? Only those that have served post September 11th, 2001. A look at an American history book will remind us that we fought quite a few more wars, including World War II, The Vietnam War, Korea, Gulf...the list goes on. The caregivers are usually family members or close friends that have to deal with medical and emotional issues with no formal training. Many of these veterans rely on a combination of public and private services to help transition back into civilian life, and the majority rely on the VA to provide medical services.

Throughout the show, our board was filled with callers that have served in our military and wanted to share their experience returning home. Caller after caller shared similar stories of dealing with PTSD and the destruction it can cause a family. Overall, our veteran callers had many pleasant things to say about their treatment as a veteran and their medical treatment at their local VA hospitals. Also, when asked if the younger generation needs to be taught discipline through military training, almost all felt there should be mandatory military service. One caller said they were disgusted that we were having this conversation, but on the contrary, dialogue happens directly before improvement. A big thank you from Army and Q to all the men and women that have served our country and risked their lives to protect us civilians. 

Cryptocurrency: A Path to Transparency

By Andrew S. Jacobson, Financial Correspondent

Immigration and taxation, some of the most vocalized points of contention in the last [election] cycle, are still at the forefront of impeding America’s path to progress. This week, while the Big Six killed the proposed Border Adjustment Tax as they worked their way through the nuances of tax reform, 10 unauthorized immigrants also died in the back of a truck while being smuggled into the United States in a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio. What could’ve prevented these seemingly unrelated events from occurring? The adoption of Cryptocurrency, in lieu of fiat money [or physical currency], and an open border working arrangement, such as that resulting from the Schengen Agreement, for North American citizens. 

According to the Department of Homeland Security, as of January 2012 there were an estimated 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States. As such, fifty-nine percent of unauthorized immigrants were from Mexico. That withstanding, I believe that the problem is not the immigration itself, which is invariably happening, but the lack of documentation. President Trump has been very clear in affirming his intention to restore rule of law to our borders - and I couldn’t agree more. We must amend the law to work to our advantage. 

Immigrants come to the United States for a variety of reasons. According to OneAmerica, some of the primary drivers for migration are poverty and economic hardship. Furthermore, “in the absence of a livable wage, access to credit, insurance, or social welfare benefits, the value of migration is greater than its hardship or potential for exploitation”. Bringing these concepts full circle, the tragedy which occurred in San Antonio earlier this week is indicative of said findings. The ten unauthorized individuals who perished on that truck saw the opportunity to come and work in the United States as outweighing the risks associated. Immigrants will come, with or without our permission. Who’s to say that by taxing every dollar earned, as it’s earned, in a shift to Cryptocurrency, and opening our boarders to our North American neighbors, in Canada and Mexico, for work wouldn’t sustain rule of law, if documented properly? The benefits to such a revolutionary shift are paramount. 

First, by adopting Cryptocurrency we eliminate tracking counterfeit currency, an excess of resources squandered upon tax collection and provide an immediate source of income for the United States. Second, we can use this currency adoption to legitimize a new tax base - for whom we aren’t responsible for providing benefits such as Social Security or Medicare, which are enormously costly programs reserved for citizens. Third, and perhaps most importantly, is the potential for the restoration of the middle class. 

Business owners have been penalized by the previous administration through the increased taxation vis-a-vis the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while seeing shrinking margins for domestic businesses due to increases in labor-related costs. Prior to the ACA, less than ten percent of the population was uninsured. Now, the remaining ninety percent of the country floats the costs of providing benefits to persons previously without insurance. By opening our borders, as the European Union has, we would enable our labor costs to become dramatically reduced in increasingly low margin industries, which our citizens generally aren’t interested in performing now. Furthermore, with a strong dollar we can increase global footprint, by providing more goods and services most competitively, outside of the United States. Summarily, Cryptocurrency is the answer to our immigration and taxation quandaries because its traceable, taxable, and enables our North American neighbors to contribute to a system which they’re already participating in - transparently.

Is the two-party system as we know it dead?

By: Karl Nelson 

Armstrong “Mr. Open Mic” Williams was in rare form last night while hosting his radio show on SiriusXM Urban View. Williams is usually joined by a lineup of co-hosts and guests. That wasn’t the case yesterday, though. That’s right. It was an open mic and Williams did not disappoint. Mr. Rightside went on quite a few rants. Little did he know, though, that his rants would set the show ablaze as he started at the top of the hour talking about Donna Brazile, the former chairwoman of the DNC, who accused Hillary Clinton of being corrupt in her new book "Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.”

In an excerpt from the book, Brazile claims Clinton has controlled the DNC since as early as 2015. In fact, Brazile even accuses Clinton of rigging the 2016 election to keep Senator Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic primaries.

Williams’ mention of this in the beginning of his show gave birth to dialogue about corruption on both the Democratic and Republican side of the political spectrum. From there, the conversation during the remainder of the broadcast was centered on the current state of politics — mainly its two-party system and how it has failed the people of this country.

“The two-party system is no longer working in our best interest,” Williams said emphatically. “No significant new party has emerged in this country in over a century!”

Listeners started calling into the show at a rapid pace, but it wasn’t like other nights. They weren’t taking issue with what Williams reported. Instead, it was as if Williams’ words sparked something. His dialogue evoked strong emotions from his callers. They felt the exact same way he did about America’s two-party system — a system that has not appeared to work well for the American people in recent years. 

“We the people are the employers! It’s our politicians who should be working for us, but that’s not what’s going on here,” Williams said. 

Well, just like Williams leaves his audience with a question at the end of each broadcast, here’s a question for you as this editorial comes to a close. 

We’ve tried the two-party system for several decades now. Is it finally time to change the way we elect our future political leaders?

SC State Homecoming 2K17


WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Monday, October 30, 2017 - Saturday, October 28, 2017, Armstrong Williams, joined by his family, friends, faculty, students, and alumni dedicated The Thelma Williams Rose Garden at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg South Carolina on behalf of Armstrongs late mother Thelma Williams.  

Mrs. Williams was a mother, farmer, philanthropist and extraordinary homemaker who possessed the character, values, and integrity that would make any family and nation proud. A profound figure, she leaves behind a legacy of dedication to God, her family, and community. She was an unwavering force who always led by example, constantly reminding us to be our best through moral striving. 


Be sure to listen to this special edition of The #Strongcast as Armstrong travels to his Alma Mater in Orangeburg, SC for SC State University's homecoming. He sits for an exclusive 1 on 1 in the Presidential Suites at the football game with the University's President James Clark.



A Recap of The Armstrong Williams Show on SiriusXM Thurs. 27, 2017

By: Kevin Chiucchini, Co-host The Armstrong Williams Show, SiriusXM

The past year has been a turbulent storm of allegations of sexual harassment, molestation and rape by Hollywood directors, media personalities, politicians and business executives. On Thursday’s show, Armstrong shared an experience of a woman being too sexually aggressive with him and grabbing his package at a party and asked his guests and callers if they have experienced something similar. Our guest, Former Congressmen Rick Lazio shared a similar experience. Although intended to be serious, the guests and several callers couldn’t help but laugh at the thought. There are plenty of men out there who claim they have no problem with sexual harassment if it's a woman, and while there is some truth in their answer, they should also put themselves into the shoes of the victims.

Men are capable of being taken advantage of sexually. Regardless of the rarity, it would be wrong to say it’s acceptable. No person should feel the need to sacrifice their dignity and their body for a shot at advancing their career.

Is it something that can be stopped? What would be the most effective deterrent? The main consensus of the hosts and callers was that it was an abuse of power. Abuse of power comes in many forms, including sexual intimidation, molestation or rape, and usually included in the mixture is some form of emotional abuse. There is something in these men’s(and women’s) character that gives them pleasure in manipulating the weak and vulnerable. Unfortunately, in this case, the vulnerable is all of us who have a boss and dream of advancing our career.

Race and relationships

By: Kevin Chiucchini, Co-Host on The Armstrong Williams Show SiriusXM

On Thursday night’s show, Armstrong Williams accompanied by his regular guest commentator Kevin (Dr. Q) had a polarizing and thoughtful discussion with distinguished guest and author Zane. She introduced the topic of the “Man-less Woman” into a conversation that spanned from romantic relationships, independent women, religion and race, and even the topic of homosexuality. There was an influx of callers from Atlanta that described their impression on why it was so difficult to find a date when you are successful and established, with some even suggesting a big part of the problem was the size of the homosexual community. Dr. Q suggested the cause of the problem was people tending to date within their own social groups or communities, but Zane quickly followed up with a surprising statistic of the large percentage of single women in the city of Atlanta.

One female caller had a firm belief that men were born to lead, and women were born to follow, and that was the natural order of things according to god. Another caller originally from California and recently relocated to Arizona, complained about her difficulties in finding qualified brothers. She claimed not one person had asked her on a date, but when Armstrong asked her to clarify, she mentioned that many white men had asked her on dates but to her, that doesn’t get included in her tally. Armstrong suggested, “Have you tried dating outside of your race?”.

Is there something wrong with only wanting to date people of your own race, ethnicity or religion? There is no definitive answer, only the obvious one that you are extremely limiting your options. You should never feel bad about being attracted to a certain type of person because without attraction there is a slim chance of a relationship surviving.

A Recap of The Armstrong Williams Show on SiriusXM Thurs. 12, 2017

By: Kevin Chiucchini, Co-host
On Thursday's show, Armstrong Williams with his co-host Kevin (Dr. Q), covered a wide range in topics including the North Korea nuclear threat, terrorism in the United States, and finished the conversation with some deeply personal stories from callers struggling with opioid addiction. Armstrong and his co-host were joined by Van Hipp of American Defense International, Inc., Professor Bruce Hoffman from Georgetown University, and Dr. Devon Smith, DMV. 

There were some very insightful comments from callers with military experience who explained the reason they had such a hard time trusting President Donald Trump. Some even went as far as comparing Donald Trump to Kim Jong Un, dictator of a country that has diplomatically isolated itself from the world through its repeated threats against our nation. Professor Hoffman seemed to disagree with the callers stating that the United States doesn't starve and kill off its own people. With the majority of the country receiving food and humanitarian aid, and a high percentage of spending directly on its nuclear weapon program, how can someone even try to make a comparison? We have come back to the old argument that if he has one, why shouldn't I have one?The fact is, Kim Jong Un is a direct threat to our democracy and our allies in East Asia. To say that Trump escalated this war wouldn't hold too much water considering they have been secretly developing their nuclear program long before he was in office. It seems likely they would threaten more as they get closer to having a completed and working ICBM with nuclear capabilities. 

The conversation took a different turn in the last hour as the hosts and guest Dr. Devon Smith spoke about our nations crippling opioid crisis. Although obvious and receiving plenty of media coverage, why does nothing change? Why do people switch to street drugs knowing the dangers after they were denied or used to quickly their prescription pain medication.

One caller described her doctor prescribing her pain medication, and seemed to place much of the blame on the doctor and drug companies initially. She also stated that her mother had called in the pharmacy and told them about her addiction so she was cut off from her supply. With nowhere else to go, and to not feel dope sick she must travel to a methadone clinic just to feel normal. Armstrong asked her directly, "You know you're an addict, right?". Interestingly enough, the caller agreed completely and said she was.

Ifa doctor prescribed you a large amount of pain medication, would you use the whole amount or have enough self control to take the medication as truly needed. The human mind is a strong force that influences our opinions and decisions in life. When it becomes altered and craves a substance that you can only supply through a doctors prescription, it can create a false narrative and make you feel pain that might not exist. Eventually you are addicted and you do feel physical and emotional pain from not being on your medication. There is no denying that opioids have helped countless amounts of people with issues of pain, but is it always appropriate for a chronic condition knowing you most likely will get addicted? Maybe it's time for the patients to start asking the doctor, "What are my alternatives to prescription pain medication, I'm afraid of developing an addiction".