The Seven Deadly Sins: Vices and Virtues

By: Karl Nelson, NYC Correspondent/Social Media Exec.

The Seven Deadly Sins are lust, pride, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, and envy.

In today’s society, it’s not abnormal to hear the average person question the rationale of sin.

In this country, moral striving appears to be at an all-time low. That being said, I was extremely encouraged by a conversation I had with Brooklyn-based Teaching Pastor Rasool Berry. Pastor Berry talked about the Seven Deadly Sins, but he did so in a way that will hopefully educate viewers on the vices (behavior with low morals) and virtues (behavior with high morals) that exist today and have always existed.

Pastor Berry views each of the Seven Deadly Sins (or vices) as categories for a slew of other sins. However, he feels that if a person is going to place a focus on the vice, then they must also give heed to the virtue of that particular vice. Checkout our interview. The way in which Pastor Berry breaks down this topic is beyond impressive. | KMN

Our Veterans Are the True Heroes

By: Karl Nelson, NYC Correspondent/Social Media Exec.

Sunday, November 11th was Veterans Day — a day when we celebrate the true heroes, those who have put their lives on the line for Americans in the past and those who are doing so in the present. Many of today’s veterans don’t have the luxury of seeing their families everyday. Many of our past veterans aren’t able to wake up today free of traumatic thoughts about their war experiences. This is why it’s important for America to do their part to ensure that every single veteran is accounted for. We have veterans in this country today who are having a difficult time adjusting to a “normal” day-to-day life again, and they need to be a top priority everywhere in America.

I spoke with my good friend Lawrence Green who is currently serving in the U.S. Air Force. Serving in the U.S. Air Force has tremendously impacted Green’s perspective regarding our past and present servicemen and women. | KMN

Clyde's Corner: ENTREPRENEUR STORIES, Ed Woodford, Seed CX

ENTREPRENEUR STORIES, Episode 1 Ed Woodford, Co-founder of Seed CX Edward Woodford is the CEO of Seed, a US-based crypto spot market and CFTC-registered derivatives executionvenue. Seed offers an institutional trading venue with FIX and binary connectivity as well as a robust compliance eco-system. Edward co-founded Seed Futures, which wasacquired by Dough, early 2017.

Recap: For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics

By: Karl Nelson, NYC Correspondent/Social Media Exec.

We had The Colored Girls live in studio Saturday for a special edition of The Armstrong Williams Show that highlighted their new book, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics. 

The book explores American history from the eyes of Donna Brazile, Yolanda Caraway, Leah Daughtry, and Minyon Moore. These four illustrious African American women have lived and worked behind the scenes in politics for more than three decades.  

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics is a book that you won’t want to put down once you pick it up because it sheds light on something rare — a friendship between four women of color in politics that has undoubtedly shaped American politics.

These esteemed women are constantly engaged with the idea of “hurrying history” so that every American — regardless of race, gender, or religious background — can ultimately have a seat at the table politically. | KMN

Town Hall Recap: Preview of the 2018 Midterms

By: Karl Nelson, NYC Correspondent/Social Media Exec.

Broadcast Heavyweight Armstrong Williams moderated another special town hall last night, which aired on WJLA-TV. The town hall provided viewers with a preview of the 2018 Midterm Elections.

The panel consisted of...

  • Aaron Manaigo — Partner, Global Political Solutions LLC

  • Elroy Sailor — Co-Founder and CEO, J.C. Watts Companies

  • Star Parker — Founder and President of The Center for Urban Renewal and Education

  • Shelby Emmett — Constitutional Lawyer

  • Dr. Devon Smith — HSH Senior Correspondent

We’re now just two weeks away from the Midterm Elections, which falls on Tuesday, November 6th — a day that many people in politics have anticipated since President Donald Trump took office in 2016.

Much has happened since Trump entered the Oval Office, and it’s clear like mostly highly debated volatile issues, Republicans and Democrats as well as our nation are divided on Trump’s presidency as the Midterms near.

While you have Republicans supporting Trump’s tax reform, efforts towards immigration reform and a much better economy, there are Democrats who have continued to criticize and challenge the president’s decisions. Whether it’s Trump’s harsh rhetoric, his tweeting, his foreign policy, or his alleged connection to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, Democrats have made it crystal clear that at all costs they will return to majority status in the House of Representatives.

Mr. Williams’ panel provided needed insight into Trump’s presidency, the current state of the important issues that impact the American people, and what will be the impact and fallout from the November 6th Midterm Elections.

Here were some of the takeaways.

Aaron Manaigo:

“People are happy with the economy. People are looking at the president and saying to themselves, ‘I may not like the tree, but I sure like the fruit that it bears.’”

“If the economy is the No. 1 issue, then things are leaning towards President Trump.”

“You have illegal people in this country casting legal votes because they’re registering to vote in these sanctuary cities. I’m concerned about that.”

“Infrastructure will be the only kind of legislation that will end up being bipartisan.”

“My prediction is that Republicans will maintain the House of Reps from somewhere between 5-7 seats.”

Elroy Sailor:

“Let’s remember that President Obama lost 63 seats in his first term.”

“People are either going to vote based on the last thing that President Trump has tweeted or based on the last thing that Nancy Pelosi said. That’s what it’s come to.”

“Republicans should see a gain in the races for governor.”

“Historically, absentee votes outside of the military have favored Democrats.”

“This notion of ‘voter suppression’ has been talked about. I believe Republicans should be encouraging ‘voter aggression’ in these elections.”

“If Dems win, they’re going to try to dismantle tax reform.”

Star Parker:

“This election is unique because most people understand that we are a very divided country right now. Most voters today understand what’s at stake.”

“Georgia had record numbers of people going out to vote early.”

“I do not believe President Trump will compromise with Democrats if they take over the House.”

“The Midterm Elections, this time around, are very much so a national issue. It’s mobs or jobs.”

Shelby Emmett:

“A lot of these elections are local. Unfortunately, a lot of Republican candidates are still trying to run on a national level.”

“I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican. Everyone agrees with the president when he says, ‘Why are we always taking care of their [immigrants] kids and not our own?’”

“We’ve never had a ‘moral’ leader in politics, despite what you might hear.”

Dr. Devon Smith:

“This, to me, is a behavioral election. People are fed up with the way people are behaving right now (public verbal attacks aimed at the ‘opposition’). I think this behavioral issue is very one-sided.”

“In these elections, the #MeToo⁠ ⁠ movement will divide women across America.”

“I think Republicans will maintain the Senate, but I have a feeling that the House of Reps might be in jeopardy.”

Despite the divide in political perception across the nation, the town hall concluded with one unifying message; “One thing we can all agree on is that we must get out and VOTE on November 6th no matter who your candidate of choice is at the polls.” | KMN

Understanding Your Finances

By: Karl Nelson, NYC Correspondent/Social Media Exec.

Another special live edition of The Armstrong Williams Show, “Understanding Your Finances,” aired on NewsChannel 8 over the weekend.

Understanding your finances is one of the smartest things that you could possibly do in today’s world. That’s why The Armstrong Williams Show dedicated a full show to this topic over the weekend. Whether it’s following a budget, managing your credit score, saving and investing money, or knowing the difference between an asset and a liability, it’s imperative that you “understand your finances.”

I sat down with MJ Oridami, a senior hedge fund accountant based in New York, to get an expert opinion on how the average person can better understand their finances. During the interview, we talked about…

·      A good starting point for people who are new to managing finances

·      Basic finance tips for those currently struggling to manage their finances

·      Some of the typical questions the common person asks MJ about finances

·      The importance of financial literacy in school curriculums across the country

·      How to better understand your credit score

·      How to save and invest your money

Financial freedom is nearly impossible to achieve today if money management is foreign to you.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where most young people graduate from high school and college not knowing the basics about their finances.  

Financial literacy is arguably one of the most important subjects that a school could add to its curriculum. That’s a sentiment that MJ echoed during our interview. His commentary was evidence of how beneficial it can be if one takes the time to learn more about finance, the correct way. | KMN

Below is a snippet from my interview with MJ. Stay tuned for more snippets of our conversation about understanding your finances.

My Friends First Trip Back To Her Native Land, South Korea

Devon and Friend.jpg

By: Dr. Devon Smith

Few things in my life have humbled me or honored me as much as being invited to join one of my oldest friends on her first trip back to her native land, South Korea. Adopted by a lovely American family, she moved to the United States as an infant, and until this trip she had never been back.

We met during our first semester of college and have been close friends ever since. Throughout the years, I watched her struggle with her adoption and as a result, her identity. As such, I knew how pivotal and groundbreaking her first trip home in 30 years would be to her life. Being invited to join her on what was bound to be an emotional journey was simply an honor.

We started our trip in Seoul, South Korea, where she spent a few months in a foster home until she was brought to America. Seoul was an incredible city, with water views and mountains surrounding the city. It also has the most marvelous subway system — something New York City could learn a thing or two from! In Seoul, we visited traditional Korean marketplaces where live octopus is a delicacy and blood sausage is a must try! We also spent a morning hiking around the old city, which dates back to 1396 AD. 

After spending the first few days exploring, I accompanied her to the adoption agency. Here she saw, unexpectedly and for the first time, a photo of the woman who fostered her until her move to America. To say that the moment was powerful is an understatement and to have been there to support her is one memory that I will forever hold near to my heart.

The next hurdle of the journey was a visit to the city where she was born and ultimately relinquished by her birth mother and father. Daejeon is the 5th largest city in Korea and takes about an hour to reach from Seoul via The KTX (bullet train), another public transport system that makes the Acela look like a steam engine! I don’t think either of us knew what to expect in Daejeon, but we were both blown away and pleasantly surprised. Much smaller than Seoul, Daejeon is a beautiful city with river running through it. On the banks of the river, families stroll and men gather to watch friends play an Asian board game. Perhaps the best part about Daejeon is its famous bakery Sungsimdang from which we indulged after spending a few hours exploring her hometown. We left Daejeon with full bellies and with my friend clearly having a level of acceptance and connection to her home than ever before. 

We started our trip off with the “hardest” (her words not mine) part first so that some of the emotional burden of returning home might be relieved for the rest of the trip. And so, today, after spending four days in Seoul, we are heading to Busan, a beachfront city in South Korea!