God Morning: Two Time Zones

These are the states that have two time zones.  What happened in Florida on November 7, 2000 was unprecedented. It was and remains the most outrageous media scam in the history of all presidential elections.  "During the final hour of voting in Florida's most conservative region, the Panhandle, 13 national television journalist, representing all six major outlets, asserted a total of 39 times that the polls in that region closed an hour earlier than they really did.  They hammered away that there was only one Poll-closing time throughout the entire state of Florida: 7 pm. Eastern.  The polls in the ten westernmost Panhandle counties-all heavily Republican--were actually open until 8 p.m. Eastern (oped in August 31, 2016 Washington Examiner by C. Boyden Gray & Elise Passamani). See all states below that have more than one time zone. Never again can you allow this media manipulation and deceit during our critical Much at stake November 8, 2016 ,Presidential election.