God Morning

Sometimes people like to criticize what I believe, but they are so willing to vehemently defend their own views as if their views maintain a higher level of truth then views that may differ from theirs. The bottom is that we should celebrate that we live in a country where we’re able to have differing views. Remember when we couldn’t vote and decide for ourselves, yet today we find ourselves trying to force our views on others. What changes is that we change, we become better. Sure, through debate and dialogue we are able to consider the views of others and at that time we may come to place where we may change some our views and that is okay. 

This presidential election unlike any other in the past has risen a lot of negativity out of a lot of us. Regards of who your support, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump that is your right, but you can’t force others to support who you deem to be the best candidate. I’m not sure about you, but I’m free in my opinion and want nothing more then others to be free in theirs.