God Morning

It is somewhat counter-intuitive to tell someone with an employee mindset to save some of their seeds and use them to plant a new crop.  They are accustomed to having their needs taken care of by their employer.  But we are experiencing a new economy in this country where jobs no longer offer either the degree of certainty of the financial rewards they once did.  No longer can one rely on working the same job for one’s whole career.  People need to become more entrepreneurial these days to survive.  But what they don’t often realize is that doing so requires using mental and psychological tools that may be unfamiliar to them.

One of the major tools, is the relationship with time. But another psychological skill is managing customers and clients. In a situation in which one is an employee, one essentially has only one customer or client.  And the relationship with that customer is not generally subject to change – for better or for worse.  But when you are an entrepreneur and the world is potentially your customer, you have to pay extra close attention to the creation and exchange of value.