God Morning

We have to change our orientation towards bearing arms and realize that the nation’s founders enumerated the right to bear arms in the U.S. constitution for a good reason.  With proper training, guns can be our friend, and offer protection for our homes and families.  People need to know, for example, that even in states like Washington, D.C., there is a concealed carry licensing process that has been in place since 2008.  It requires that one’s firearm be registered and the carrier licensed.  The licensing process requires training on the operation of firearms as well as the self-defense laws and situational awareness training.  Many people may not be aware of this, but D.C. law has a lot in common with Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ laws.  In D.C., for example, there is no duty to retreat from a threat. You are justified in using deadly force if warranted to protect your own life, or even the life of a third party.  The process for learning your rights and obtaining a legal carry permit can often be expensive and time-consuming, but when it comes to protecting one’s life and the safety of one’s family, it is a duty we have to embrace.

  Race and socioeconomic background definitely play a role in the process of responsible gun ownership.  Firstly, financial requirements to get through the licensing and registration process can be daunting.  For someone with no prior training, it might cost upwards of $1,000 to get all the necessary training and certification (in New York it can cost up to $11,000).  The second barrier is generally time. Training courses are demanding and require dedication to mastering the basics.   The third thing is background, meaning if people have been involved in law enforcement issues in their youth that might hinder them from being licensed in the future.

 People are looking to protect themselves and their families. In this day and time a knife won’t help you, but a gun just might.  People feel more empowered when they have learned how to defend themselves.  It is a deeply American sentiment that to be robbed of one’s safety and security is paramount to living under tyranny.  And that is something we just won’t stand for.