God Morning

When I discuss the idea of a moral reserve with people they often point out that there are wealthy people who do not operate in a moral manner.  I have to always respond that of course it is possible to gain monetary wealth through unscrupulous means.  After all, we are all endowed by our creator with free will.  However, one cannot long maintain that wealth without a significant reservoir of moral striving. We see examples of this time and time again, whether in the business world, or in dealing with entertainers or celebrities.  Some of them accumulate great wealth and power, and then lose it all because they feel they’ve grown too big to adhere to the constraints of moral striving.

               There are two problems you want to have in life: having such abundant wealth that you don’t know what to do with it; and having built up such a reserve of moral wealth that you are practically indestructible.  In fact the two are inextricably related.   Moral striving conditions us to receive and maintain monetary wealth.  Moral striving is the best training ground for those who intend to achieve wealth and influence.  In fact, moral striving is the way in which we receive wealth.  We need to begin to re-frame how we view moral striving, from considering it a chore or a burden, to viewing moral striving as the solid work of creating vessels – accounts, safes, and secured currency bags - into which God’s infinite abundance can be collected, accumulated and secured for our beneficial use.