God Morning

At the end of the day, recent racial incidents involving college students are not really about attempting to achieve more inclusion or redressing age-old racial wrongs.  They are actually about the ‘offended’ generation expressing its’ inherited right to be coddled, entitled and accorded group privilege based on the assumed mantle of victimization.  They have unfortunately grown up on a steady diet of liberal media hogwash that finds a bigot behind every door to achievement, a racial slight in almost every utterance which challenges their world-view.  But above all they have come to expect that the world owes them something.  

            Belief in an engineered "equality" to the exclusion of freedom of thought and speech leads inevitably down the road towards fascism.  Appealing to authoritarian intervention in a bid to guarantee outcomes almost always leads to disastrous consequences.  Real equality doesn't mean everyone gets the same things, or even has access to exactly the same opportunities. It means that no institution – whether government or university – is biased in favor of one group or another.  Because, as the lessons of history have taught us, ‘equality’ without freedom is utterly useless.