God Morning

 Sometimes life guides us in the strangest of ways.  Next week HSH production team will arrive in Paris to begin filming a series of news pieces dealing with aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks, immigration in Europe, and the threat of domestic terrorism on the continent.  We felt that Paris, given its obvious historical relationship, would be one of the places that our American audience would easily connect with.  Hopefully we will report back in real time and talk to everyday Parisians that don't necessarily make headline news and are often forgotten.

There comes a time when evil must be confronted. And Europe has finally reached that point. No longer are Europeans willing to sit back and take it.  The Europeans had responded with uncharacteristic charity to the flow of refugees from Syria given the ongoing economic challenges Europe continues to deal with in the aftermath of the great recession.   But Europeans for the most part pride themselves on being an Open Society – capable of negotiating dissent and conflict with the guidance of strong and lasting democratic traditions, the rule of law, and a sense of tolerance bordering on self-effacement.

The hope of the terrorists in attacking Paris at this juncture was no doubt to try to cement a rigid dichotomy between Islam and the West.  They wanted to create a situation in which Syrians and Iraqis fleeing their oppression would have no safe haven to which to retreat. They wanted Europe to close its border and its heart.  But that probably won’t happen.  Sure, refugees will be more closely scrutinized.  And France will continue its attacks on ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq.  But at the end of the day, the terrorists will not have succeeded in changing the essential character of modern Europe.  In fact, they have shown that they are wholly incapable of anything constructive.  They thrive only on negative energy.

The devil wanted a dance, and surely got one.  But it will not be set to a waltz of despair, pain and fear.  Rather, it is a triumphant opus of hope, inclusion, enlightenment and progress.    And we as citizens of the world, as creatures of the almighty, will be delighted in their  ultimate humiliation.