Armstrong Williams: Failure to Stop Muslim Terror Attacks Shows ‘European Union Experiment Is Not Working’

Armstrong Williams, radio host and former senior adviser to the presidential campaign of Dr. Ben Carson, joined host Stephen K. Bannon on Monday morning’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to discuss Europe’s response to terrorism after the Brussels bombing and declaring the European Union failed to protect Europeans from Muslim terrorists.

Williams said questions about counter-terrorist intelligence, border controls, the European Union’s refugee policy, and “eventually, the whole project of European integration” would be raised in the aftermath of the Brussels atrocity.

“What has been confirmed is what many people thought after the November 13 Paris attacks,” he said.  

“The European Union has failed, drastically, to protect its citizens from terrorism.  Many European countries dealt with terrorism before, let us not forget that, but not always effectively,” he continued. “You remember the IRA, the Basque ETA, the Red Brigades in Italy, the Belgians… All of them either had limited capabilities, or avoided, most of the time, the intentional targeting of citizens. Now these European countries face a new type of terrorism, and what it does, it wants to inflict massive casualties on the populations of Europe.”

Williams said this new brand of terrorism represented a “clash of civilizations between the West and Islam,” in which Islamist groups like ISIS sought to “spark a racist backlash against Europe’s Muslim communities, and gain more recruits.”  Also, these terrorist attacks had caused a “crisis of confidence” in European government, which could lead to “a new era of intolerance and nationalism.”

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