[WATCH] Armstrong Williams Confirms Ben Carson’s Presidential Campaign Over with Roland Martin

Roland Martin and Armstrong Williams

*Earlier today on TV One’s “News One Now,” host and managing editor Roland S. Martin spoke with Dr. Ben Carson’s business manager Armstrong Williams about Carson ending his presidential campaign.

After announcing that he will not be attending the GOP debate in his hometown of Detroit,Carson concluded with saying that he has decided to end his presidential campaign.

The conversation between Martin and Armstrong concluded with Armstrong saying great things about Dr. Carson and his work with his campaign.

“I stood back and the one thing that doesn’t work well in a campaign is being honest and candid. He said look, we’ve got to make some tough decisions today. I did not attend the meeting. They made decisions and when he made the decision he would not attend the presidential debate in his hometown, he said the time has come. He could have gone tonight, taken up space, knowing that he was going to not be in the race for long and then he showed his honor and character, in the end he’ll always have that and he’ll be respected. What he brought to American politics is that you can be honest and decent, may not win, he never came to compromise his principles for the sake of winning public office.”

– Armstrong Williams