Tribute To A Good Man In Ben Carson

When it’s all said and done, and the 2016 political season has come to an end — two things will have assuredly happened. First, we will have elected a new president. Second, the tone of electoral politics will have changed forever in the U.S.

Dr. Ben Carson, who announced last week that he would be suspending his campaign, has forever changed electoral politics in the U.S. for the better. He will be remembered as having run one of the most unique and (especially by contrast) dignified campaigns in presidential election history.

To be completely fair to Mr. Carson, he did not actively seek the role of presidential candidate; he was drafted into it. After his appearance at the National Prayer breakfast in 2013 (his second, making him and evangelist Billy Graham the only persons to be invited twice to speak at the breakfast), in which he criticized so-called progressive policies and called them essentially un-Christian, many people took notice of Mr. Carson. The closer they looked, the more they like what they saw.

A slow, gentle but unmistakable mantra began to gather steam among Americans urging “Run Ben Run.” This phrase echoed throughout Mr. Carson’s travels through America in the early months of 2014, as he visited cities and towns, speaking at churches, high schools and book signings. It began to take on real significance when a political action committee with the same name was formed.

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