God Morning

Iranian Nuclear assist from President Obama

You would think that when one country openly calls for the destruction of another country, the latter would not help the former achieve its malevolent goal. 

So why, when Iranians chant “Death to America!” in the streets, and proudly proclaim their hatred of the Western world, would the United States do anything to aid Iran in acquiring a nuclear weapon – a weapon that would be used to threaten our nation and our allies? 

President Obama considers his disastrous deal with Iran to be a great legacy achievement, the hallmark of his time in office on the foreign policy front. 

Over the protests of Congress and despite abysmal approval ratings from the American people, the Iran deal was put into place in trademark Obama style: alone and with arrogant dismissiveness of those who dared to question the wisdom of his Administration. Now, as his tenure as President comes to a close, the Administration is expressing concern that the deal may not be maintained under a future president.