Armstrong Williams: 2016 candidates must earn black voters' support



WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) — Following controversy over his comments at the National Action Network convention, Armstrong Williams told WBFF Thursday that he found it "offensive" that so many other speakers at the event focused on racism instead of other issues that impact black communities.

"I was absolutely shocked that every panelist talked about poor black people and racism," he said.

Williams' declaration that "Everything in America is not always about race" was met with boos from the crowd at the event in New York City on Wednesday.

Williams, the business manager and friend of former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, said Thursday that the audience seemed to respect his opinion once he had the chance to explain it.

In an interview with WBFF, Williams explained that he feels black communities in cities like Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri are suffering despite electing Democratic politicians to govern them.

"Their constituency that they supposedly cared about the most suffered the worst," he said.

He acknowledged that race is a factor in many of the challenges those cities are facing, but he argued that racism is not an excuse for crime, broken families, and people destroying their own communities.

Williams reiterated the point he made at the convention that black voters must demand that presidential candidates earn their vote and not just reflexively support a Democrat like Hillary Clinton.

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