God Morning

I was recently invited by the Rev. Al Sharpton to be on a panel during his National Action Network (NAN) convention. Sharpton was gracious in his introduction, calling me an outstanding Republican – and while I appreciated the invitation, his kinds words and the opportunity to dialogue with other African-Americans about politics, policy and the black vote; I could not help but bring up an unrelenting and troubling fact: the 90 percent support African-Americans consistently give to Democrats.

It is illogical for us to continue to support one party overwhelmingly as if we’re a monolithic group, because we are not. My critique of this voting pattern is that we as a community have not reaped the gains that necessitate this level of blind loyalty to the Democratic Party. The question that I ask Democrats and the black community is: Are we better off? I am reminded of the song by Janet Jackson that asks, “What have you done for me lately?” It’s a simple line, but one African-American voters should ask the Democratic Party.