God Morning

The connection between Saudi financial supports for the September 11 attacks has become clearer as plaintiffs in several federal cases seeking compensation have revealed in discovery documents. It is clear that the attackers had major financial and organizational support for their U.S. operations, support that could not have been possible without Saudi citizens’ ability to conduct themselves and their business on U.S. soil without special scrutiny.  There is also evidence that lower level Saudi government officials acting on the auspices of the Saudi ministry of Islamic Affairs within the Saudi Arabia’s U.S. diplomatic corps provided ‘charitable’ contributions to individuals who later carried out the 9/11 attacks.  Whether the Saudi government itself was responsible for the attacks, or whether elements within the Saudi regime were key enablers of the attacks, it makes little difference in practice.  It is indisputable that U.S.-Saudi relationship provided cover for elements within the country to penetrate and attack innocent Americans on U.S. soil.