Ben Carson Is Off Trump’s VP Vetting Team

After selecting a list of names for the team to vet, Ben Carson has stepped away from the vice presidential selection team.

Ben Carson is becoming the jack of all trades for Donald Trump’s campaign.

After being tapped to join a vice presidential selection committee last week, Carson has stepped away to focus on other things, according to his business manager Armstrong Williams.

“What Trump wanted from Carson were names of who he would recommend for a potential candidate. He was among several other people making recommendations,” Williams described Carson’s role to The Daily Beast. “Once those names were submitted, they decided to have [Corey] Lewandowski head up.”

Trump’s embattled campaign manager will now be vetting the vice presidential contenders, as first reported by The Washington Post on Tuesday. Lewandowski will reportedly also be assisted by a law firm in the vetting process.

Carson simply came up with a list of names he recommended to Trump and will now be focusing on preparing him for a meeting with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Thursday—meant to serve as an opportunity to put their differences aside and unite the party going forward.

“It’s passed off to him,” Williams said of the transfer of roles to Lewandowski. “That vetting process is a long process and a tedious process. Now Carson is involved in making sure that everything goes well with Thursday’s meeting.”

That involves a meeting between Carson and Ryan prior to the one set with the presumptive nominee. Williams told The Daily Beast that the meeting has been confirmed and set up. A spokesman for Ryan did not return a request for further comment.

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