God Morning

While the likely Democrat nominee Hilary Clinton has largely campaigned on the solidifying and extending the Obama legacy on Obamacare, NATO, the minimum wage, and social issues – i.e., more of the same – Trump has offered something that sounds different, but that at times lacks coherency or any decipherable set of unifying principles.  His message thus far has been largely aimed at a Republican establishment which has not only upheld Obamacare twice (under a conservative supreme court) but more importantly failed to advance a pro-conservative legislative agenda despite holding majorities in both the House and Senate.

           And so here we are as a nation at this juncture, caught in a maelstrom between truth and repose.  Liberals find creature comfort in a party that continues to advance a social agenda that squares with liberal orthodoxy – homosexual marriage, transgender rights, and a legislated minimum wage. Republicans are dealing with a potential nominee who seems to believe that everything, even core conservative principles, is up for renegotiation.

American society in which it has become clear that America’s new greatness may no longer entail being the referee of global geopolitics.