God Morning

Defeating Terrorism
Our number one obligation as a nation is to keep the American people safe and what we saw with EgyptAir was another reminder of this cancer. However, the president seems incapable of leading the fight against terrorism. He seems oblivious and aloof to the severity of what is at stake and the American people deserve better. The American people deserve and need, a leader who will stand up to terrorist with force and annihilate them wherever they are.

It is critical that we defeat terrorism on every front, and the U.S. must lead this effort. We must disable their ability to finance and fund raise; we must continue strategic attacks on their tactical units, and we must combat their ability to use social media and other online formats to spread their extremist propaganda.

It is critical that we increase bombings of strategic strongholds in coordination with our allies such in Europe and the Middle East. It is critical that we thwart the terrorist before this senseless violence comes back to our shores.