God Morning

A  record number of young adults are moving back home to live with their parents after college. The number is the highest it has ever been in at least four decades at 2.16 million young adults living with their parents as of 2012 according to Pew Research Center poll.

When asked, a lot of young adults gave three top reasons for moving back home: fewer job opportunities, pursuing further education and not getting married young. Most interestingly, men of the millennial generation are more likely than the women to be living with their parents -- 40% versus 32%.

Declining employment, rising college enrollment, and declining marriages are all attributed to young adults moving back, but when you think about generations of the past and the challenges of those generations, they were grave in comparison to today, yet they were somehow able to make it on their own, typically leaving the home while still teenagers. What this alludes to is that the problem might be bigger than declining employment, rising tuition, and declining marriages.

Are there underlying reasons that we're missing? That is possible, but we certainly must explore why this increase has occurred despite having it much easier than generations of the past.