God Morning

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Curt Schilling at his Massachusetts home in his first exclusive televised interview since being fired by ESPN. And though some may disagree and while many concur with his position on the North Carolina law, did that justify him being fired? We now live in a society where if your disposition is liberal leaning; it is acceptable, but if it comes from a place of conservatism, it is vehemently dismissed as bigoted and closed-minded, which is not the case at all. 

It has become the social norm of our society where we no longer tolerate differing views, but attempt to force our perceptions onto others. That is not the mentality of a free society, is the exact opposite. And, regardless of one's position, do we all not have a right to express our views eloquently without fear? I would think most would agree that we do. We are walking on the unstable ground and must be careful not to make this our norm as democracy rests on the freedom of expression. Without it, we are no longer free.