God Morning

The tragedy in Orlando occurs almost on the heels of the one-year anniversary of the Charleston Church shootings.  Although the number of casualties is higher, and different ideologies seem to be at work in each case, the events are nonetheless remarkably similar in key respects.  Both attacks were carried out by individuals who felt marginalized by society, who longed for a place, but could not seem to find one.  Both attacked people who would have welcomed them in with open arms had they been given a chance.  And both lacked the primary appreciation for the humanity of their fellow human beings – the tool of exercising that disregard is almost immaterial. It’s the thought that counts.  One day it’s someone who hates blacks, jews, and whites; the next its gays; and the next it is someone who hates Muslims.  Hate is not restricted to any one race, religion or creed.  It seems to permeate whatever surfaces it is placed upon, and can wreak havoc even in sacred spaces.