God Morning

There is much to be said for holding your fire, saving your powder for the real 2016 election fight.  But Clinton has been so lacking in fireworks that she’s not even inspiring the base.  She has withstood a withering fight with Bernie Sanders to win the nomination. But there is a real concern among Clinton insiders as to whether she will inherit the approval – and, more importantly - the passion, of the Sanders movement.  A negotiated treaty with the Sanders camp is at this point tenuous at best, and the prospects of Sanders himself getting out and stumping for her with any of his customary gusto is a distant possibility.

Clinton’s problems in many ways mirror Trump’s successes. While Trump can claim the rights to the popular movement, but not the party, Clinton has the Party, but not the movement.  This election will in a sense be a real litmus test as to whether teams or players make championships.  Trump has shown himself to be game despite his own communication miscues and an intraparty war that has raged from almost the moment he announced his Candidacy.  Clinton has the Democratic Party firmly in her corner, but seemingly lacks that breakaway quality we used to call sizzle.

Williams June 24 twitter.

While US employment ‘recovered under Obama,’ labor force participation dropped to a thirty year low. People came back to jobs that payed less, offered fewer benefits and demanded more of their labor.