One-Sided Correctness

I interviewed Curt Schilling at his Massachusetts home for American Sports Network in his first exclusive televised interview since being fired by ESPN. And though some may disagree and many concur with his position on the North Carolina “bathroom law,” did that justify him being fired from his job as a sports analyst?

We now live in a society where if your disposition is liberal leaning, it is acceptable. But if it comes from a place of conservatism, it is vehemently dismissed as bigoted and closed-minded.

The transgender agenda is a case in point. The sports media establishment has rallied behind the message being promoted by transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner. But what has been branded as a campaign for tolerance and acceptance has in reality been nothing more than a coordinated campaign of bullying, suppressing free speech and promoting the delusionary fiction that a man who has sired at least four biological children must now be addressed as a woman and allowed to use the female facilities.

How are we supposed to take transgender issues seriously when political correctness belies objective truth? No matter what cosmetic or surgical procedures Caitlyn undergoes, it will not change the biological truth. To try to bully people into believing otherwise – addressing Caitlyn using a female pronoun for example -- is to assert a political fiction that is manifestly and plainly untrue, and lacks any basis in common sense.

Claiming that someone who is a fully functioning biological male is somehow being singled out for discrimination because he is prohibited from using the ladies room just goes against the grain for many Americans. The issues of whether biological sex determines gender and vice-versa are at best debatable.

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