God Morning

Politics should be about the exchange of ideas. However, what we see today is something foreign and does not lead to a better society. The idea of debating the complexities of life and trying to make the world a better place does not involve dehumanizing individuals for temporary gain. 

Instead, it involves trying to find a common ground on the things we all agree on and continuously challenging each other to reach some level of truth pertaining to the things we view disparately. Can a man truly lead a nation without understanding the essentiality of this truth? Is it not the ontology of man at nearly every primal stage to work together for the betterment of all or most concerned? This task is not one that comes easily or without pain nor mistake, but is one that we must dare to venture on if we are truly concerned about the possibilities of man's epistemology.

Our leaders must dare to venture unchartered courses, not for self-gain, but to take each of us to the next level, not yet discovered. This is what we need in a presidential candidate and anything less, is unbefitting for office.