God Morning

I just recently returned from Nice, France and yet again, there is another awful and unspeakable terrorist attack. Those in Nice were sitting ducks as this monster committed this unspeakable act, but during all of this innocent bystanders were left frantically waiting on police and emergency personnel, who didn't arrive until 25 minutes later

Guns don't solve everything, but is it unreasonable to ask if France allowed its citizens to own guns that someone with a gun could've possibly killed the terrorist? Of course not and time after time, we see terrorists going after people who they know can't defend themselves. They purposely target areas where the security is lacking and they can cause the most harm. We must change our mindsets because law enforcement as we saw in France, may not always be able to get there on time and in the instance that they can't people must be able to defend and protect themselves as well as those around them.