God Morning

Ted Cruz’s ego knows no bounds apparently, just as his cynical political duplicity appears to have bottomless depth.  The display of abject disloyalty Cruz put on last night at the Republican Convention was nothing short of shocking. Cruz has already conceded; he lost the primaries. Donald Trump won them fair and square.  And yet, at the end of the day, Cruz’s ego will not permit him to end the war and join the rest of the party in achieving the unified front it will need in order to defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall.

                Cruz’s affront to the party was no less loathsome because it flies in the face of a pledge he made earlier in the campaign that he would support whoever won the Republican nomination.  Cruz gleefully made the pledge and practically drooled at the prospect of acquiring Trump’s voters when, according to conventional wisdom, Trump ultimately would flame out.  But the prevailing wisdom obviously did not prevail – and rather than swallow his pride, Cruz chose to vomit it all over the convention floor last night.

                But even worse secretions ooze from Cruz.  They are the viscous, smarmy,  machinations of a cynical career politician who again is betting that Donald Trump will either lose to Hillary Clinton in the fall, or fail miserably as commander in chief should he win.  Cruz’s speech was a cynical hedge, a way to be able to tell the party faithful ‘I told you so, way back when.’  The problem is, of course, is that Cruz’s very betrayal will have been a major contributing factor in why the Trump campaign loses, should that happen.

                Let’s not forget that Cruz is not above the dirty tricks he has accused Donald Trump of committing.  During the Iowa Caucus, Cruz had his campaign staff put out the message that Dr. Ben Carson had already conceded, thus driving votes to himself.  Cruz dirty tricks against Dr. Carson caused Carson a lot of pain – but in the end he was forgiven.  Why can’t Cruz get over himself and forgive Trump already?  Why does his duty to his own ego seem to always supersede his duty to uphold his own pledge to support the party nominee – especially at a time when the GOP needs to present a unified front in order to be in the best position to win this fall.