Watch The Right Side Forum! "Upstarting Innovators" July 9th

Washington, DC — July 8, 2016 – The Right Side Forum with Armstrong Williams will take an in depth look at the “Millennial Entrepreneur”. Williams will interview entrepreneurs and find out their techniques and methods for achieving early success. In today’s society 60 percent of millennials consider themselves entrepreneurs and 90 percent recognize entrepreneurship as a mentality. Armstrong Williams breaks down the mindset of his panelist and finds out exactly what separates them from the rest of the pack. He shares his wisdom of a seasoned entrepreneur and gives them insight of what to expect as their journey’s evolve. Diving into topics such as start-up cost, things never to do and who’s money to use this one-hour show gives you an excellent perspective of the challenges and triumphs of the Millennial Entrepreneur. 

The conversation will be about substance, not sound bites, Armstrong predicts. The show airs Saturday July 9th on WJLA News Channel 8 at 11:30 p.m. It can also be viewed online on

Armstrong Williams is manager and sole owner of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast Television Stations.