God Morning

A lot can be said about the Clinton's over the years. Their interesting marriage, the constant lies, evident deceit to gain political power and most recently, Hillary Clinton's pay for play during her tenure as secretary of state. 

Throughout this presidential contest, Hillary Clinton's biggest hurdle has been trust, to put it simply, the American do not trust her and a mere glance of recent political revelations are exactly why. 

The 2016 political contest has been toxic, to say the least, and arguably has caused further division and strife. It has forced each of us to face and have many tough conversations about race and justice, the trade and the economy and what we need in the next leader. Certainly, it is difficult for anyone to support and elect a person who they don't trust. 

In Hillary's case, a lot of people are questioning whether or not they can trust her and whether or not she will put the interest of the American people before herself. None of us have the answers to that question, but it's a hurdle that she has to overcome if she wants people to trust her. Sure, Donald Trump may be brash and many of his statements may be hard to swallow, but one thing we are certain of and that is unquestionable loyalty and love for America. 

The bottom line is that we must get serious about this election and elect someone who will always put the interest of America first. When asked: "what is the first quality they look for in a leader," an overwhelming majority of people said, "trust" and that is where Hillary Clinton falls short.