God Morning

Donald Trump is doing the right thing by reaching out to African-American voters. Democrats and Hillary Clinton don't have a monopoly on the black vote and black people are not a monolithic group.

African Americans, like other groups, must become strategic about their political power. We cannot continue to vote for one party, particularly when the results are lacking. Mr. Trump may make statements that we find repulsive, but we should hear him out in regards to his plans to uplift the black community and if those plans are insufficient, we should critique him.
Clinton's attacks on Mr. Trump's campaign chairman, Steve Bannon or displaced. I have known Steve for 20 years and I can that I have never seen any racism in my two decades of knowing him.
Politics should be about the exchange of ideas. What we saw yesterday was far removed from that and was disappointing. We should be focused on uniting people, not dividing them and faster we do that, the better off we will all be.