Time to hold U.N. accountable

By Renee Garfinkel - - Monday, August 29, 2016


The United Nations commits crimes around the world with apparent impunity. Is the U.N. above the law?

In just the past 12 months – and with long historical precedent– the U.N. has abused its position as protector, peacekeeper and humanitarian aid provider, to commit rape and manslaughter, and provide aid to terrorists.

It’s time to hold the U.N. accountable.

Here are the grisly facts:

Rape. Hundreds of women and underage girls have been raped by U.N. soldiers in war-ravaged countries.


Attacked by the very people sent to provide safety and security, the rape survivors are left psychologically damaged, socially stigmatized, and often pregnant, faced with raising the offspring of their tormentors. According to a Washington Post report in February 2016, the U.N.’s latest heinous crime wave took place in the Central African Republic, where the current U.N. mission began in September 2014. Sadly, it’s a story we’ve heard before: similar crimes were reported in earlier U.N. missions, including Kosovo, Haiti, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and others.

These sexual predators prey on the most vulnerable of the vulnerable people they are charged to protect. The U.N.’s own investigators found that many of the victims of sexual abuse and exploitation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo back in the early 2000s were orphans.

The accused predators – who have come from France as well as from many African countries – seldom face justice or take any kind of responsibility. Sometimes they are sent home to local authorities (who typically do not act). Often the victims don’t know the names of their attackers and can’t press charges.

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