God Morning

Literally seven out of every ten politics stories published in the mainstream media this year have centered upon the improbable campaign for president of Donald Trump.  The media have pretty much covered the gamut – from Trump’s shocking rhetoric, to his unorthodox campaign finance strategies, to Trump’s strong appeal among certain cross-section of the electorate.  By almost all accounts, Trump’s rise has defied the odds and is leaving the political prognosticators and prediction markets increasingly irrelevant. 

              But few have really discussed the rise of Donald Trump from a moral perspective.  What is it about the state of the spirit of the American people that gives rise to a political anomaly like Trump?

              There are a host of factors, but among them are concern about America’s decline, economic despair from a decade of recession, and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism as a credible challenge to Western hegemony.

The bottom is line is that Mr. Trump recognizes the frustration and disappointment of the American populous. Regardless of ones views, Mr. Trump has tapped into something real and he may become the next president because he recognizes the mood of the country.