God Morning

We must stop the absurd debate that blacks and whites (and other racial groups) are fundamentally different, and so cannot successfully integrate. First, Natural Law (and the Scriptures) properly teaches that ALL people are God's and Nature's God's creation and hence equal and free; period. Second, millions and millions of blacks and whites have successfully changed their circumstances, come from disparate and disadvantaged places, and have (are) integrated. Suggesting this hasn't/won't happen is manifestly wrong. Third, people are different and government simply cannot mandate by one-size-fits-all programs specific outcomes. The litany of failed government programs establishes that beyond peradventure. Further, too many government programs have flat out been destructive: e.g., Aid to Dependent Children Program where the government starts with the laudable goal of helping poor children, but only single head-of-households qualified, creating a perverse subsidy for fatherless households. This is not so because blacks and whites are different, but because the government creates an irrational market. It will, of course, be dislocating and difficult to shift away from such approaches, but it is clear that continuing along such approaches will end in failure.

The country needs responsible, honest leadership at every level. There was a time when civic, religious, business, and educational institutions, etc., at least agreed that each person was ultimately responsible for themselves, were capable of changing and achieving, etc., and said so. Today, sadly, that once consistent leadership is gone, and we are instead inundated with identity politics, relativism, and scapegoating. No good end will come of this, and the more the country moves in the direction of paternal, socialist, and centralized government the worse it will get ("power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"). But again, this is not because blacks and whites are fundamentally different (which they are not).