God Morning

With the start of anything new, there is always an opportunity to improve and avoid the mistakes of the past, and I suspect, that is what many will do going into 2017. This new year presents all with many new opportunities as we navigate unchartered courses, but it also presents us with obstacles, and it's the previous year(s), that should have prepared us all for the hurdles seen and unseen.

As we prepare for a new president and administration, our nation will hopefully head in a direction that brings us together and maintains our global dominance around the world. However, if the previous year taught us anything, here too lies many obstacles that the incoming president will have to overcome to maintain expectation, but this too can be accomplished if the previous year(s) taught us anything.

The point that I'm attempting to make is that as we all look to the days, weeks, and months ahead of us, let us approach them with great expectation, but let us not be so careless as to forget the trials and tribulations of yesteryear.