Race and relationships

By: Kevin Chiucchini, Co-Host on The Armstrong Williams Show SiriusXM

On Thursday night’s show, Armstrong Williams accompanied by his regular guest commentator Kevin (Dr. Q) had a polarizing and thoughtful discussion with distinguished guest and author Zane. She introduced the topic of the “Man-less Woman” into a conversation that spanned from romantic relationships, independent women, religion and race, and even the topic of homosexuality. There was an influx of callers from Atlanta that described their impression on why it was so difficult to find a date when you are successful and established, with some even suggesting a big part of the problem was the size of the homosexual community. Dr. Q suggested the cause of the problem was people tending to date within their own social groups or communities, but Zane quickly followed up with a surprising statistic of the large percentage of single women in the city of Atlanta.

One female caller had a firm belief that men were born to lead, and women were born to follow, and that was the natural order of things according to god. Another caller originally from California and recently relocated to Arizona, complained about her difficulties in finding qualified brothers. She claimed not one person had asked her on a date, but when Armstrong asked her to clarify, she mentioned that many white men had asked her on dates but to her, that doesn’t get included in her tally. Armstrong suggested, “Have you tried dating outside of your race?”.

Is there something wrong with only wanting to date people of your own race, ethnicity or religion? There is no definitive answer, only the obvious one that you are extremely limiting your options. You should never feel bad about being attracted to a certain type of person because without attraction there is a slim chance of a relationship surviving.