A Recap of The Armstrong Williams Show on SiriusXM Thurs. 27, 2017

By: Kevin Chiucchini, Co-host The Armstrong Williams Show, SiriusXM

The past year has been a turbulent storm of allegations of sexual harassment, molestation and rape by Hollywood directors, media personalities, politicians and business executives. On Thursday’s show, Armstrong shared an experience of a woman being too sexually aggressive with him and grabbing his package at a party and asked his guests and callers if they have experienced something similar. Our guest, Former Congressmen Rick Lazio shared a similar experience. Although intended to be serious, the guests and several callers couldn’t help but laugh at the thought. There are plenty of men out there who claim they have no problem with sexual harassment if it's a woman, and while there is some truth in their answer, they should also put themselves into the shoes of the victims.

Men are capable of being taken advantage of sexually. Regardless of the rarity, it would be wrong to say it’s acceptable. No person should feel the need to sacrifice their dignity and their body for a shot at advancing their career.

Is it something that can be stopped? What would be the most effective deterrent? The main consensus of the hosts and callers was that it was an abuse of power. Abuse of power comes in many forms, including sexual intimidation, molestation or rape, and usually included in the mixture is some form of emotional abuse. There is something in these men’s(and women’s) character that gives them pleasure in manipulating the weak and vulnerable. Unfortunately, in this case, the vulnerable is all of us who have a boss and dream of advancing our career.