The millennials are being criticized while the baby boomers are the ones running the country

By: Karl Nelson

On Monday, Mr. Open Mic, also known as the Broadcast Heavyweight, Armstrong Williams, sparked yet another noteworthy conversation on his radio show that had the phone lines jam-packed and had his guest, Attorney Shelby Emmett, in rare form. The scheduled topic of the night was President Donald Trump’s legal issues, but just like many of Williams’ past shows, the dialogue went off script, and for good reason.

In the midst of the fiery debate surrounding John Dowd’s claims that Trump could in no way “obstruct justice,” Williams learned something about Emmett — who is been on previous shows of his — which he was completely in the dark about. After hearing from a caller, Emmett went on a very passionate rant disclosing information about how she had actually once been homeless when she first moved to the nation’s capital, finding herself passing out resumes on the DC Metro. That’s right. Ms. Emmett, who is now one of the strongest voices you’ll hear on a broadcast for The Armstrong Williams Show, was in Washington, DC, with nothing more than a small bank account, limited food, and a determination to pursue a career in constitutional law.

That’s not all, though. That same driven mentality is what helped Emmett get back on her feet, ultimately cementing a career as a Constitutional Law Attorney, where she fights to protect the rights for Americans today. Emmett may have felt like a victim at one point, but she surely doesn’t show that side of her too often when on the air, which is why it was so moving for many of Williams’ listeners when she took her rant a step further, venting about today’s millennials and how many of them are completely misunderstood.

“The generation that’s getting the worst end of the deal are millennials,” Emmett told Williams’ listeners. “Millennials don’t run the White House, the House of Representatives, or the Senate. These baby boomers need to take responsibility for once!”

The conversation comes at an interesting time given America’s political and social climate — a time when we often hear a widespread of criticism aimed towards young people. What’s baffling, though, is the fact that this country is practically run by the baby boomers, not millennials, like Emmett so elegantly put it.

Yep. America’s children are still being referred to as the “future” of this great country, despite powerful young people like Shelby Emmett and our beloved Shermichael Singleton, who have both made an imprint on the issues and who both represent a strong voice in today’s media.

So, the question is: when will the narrative change? When will more baby boomers (the leaders of this country) take responsibility for where America is and isn’t today?

Mr. Williams surely understands how important talented and educated young people are to the growth of this country, which is evident if you were to look at some of his staff members as well as many of those he brings on his show. However, unfortunately, other pundits from Williams’ era don’t express the same understanding. Instead, there are many veterans in politics, media, and in the community today who are pointing the finger at those they’ve paved the way for, not even realizing that they themselves are the real ones to blame for many of the problems we’re still debating about in America today.