Managing Time

Until individuals learn to manage their time, then and only then will they realize the sweetness of success and peace of getting the most from the journey of life.

At the end of each day, far too many of us wonder to ourselves, “Where did the time go?” There is the constant pressure to do more and keep more commitments; yet, we always find ourselves short on time. A great strategy to keep this from happening is to track your time throughout the day.

Take stock of the time you waste on tasks that provide little return on the time invested; do it religiously for a week, and you will start to get a clear picture of how you spend your time. Look for tasks you could delegate or hire someone to fulfill.

There is a multitude of books available to teach people the best ways to manage their time or to be more efficient in their work. But at the end of the day, buying time is often the best solution. After all, as the timeless adage correctly states—time is money and our loved, and cherished ones don't last forever.