It's time for Republicans to combat Liberal ideology on college campuses

As Republicans, we have to combat liberal ideology on college campuses. Liberals are corrupting our young people with their values and belief system, which by in large does not lead to a more prosperous and capitalist society.

We haven't articulated why conservative ideas are better not only for America but also for our young people. Many of them are responsible young adults, going to college to get an education so that they can contribute to society. After college, many of them work hard and begin the process of paying off the large amount of student debt they accumulated over the 4-year process. However, it's hard because Democrats want to take their hard earned money and redistribute it, yet our young people are led to believe that this is the way government works. In fact, it is counterintuitive to how government and capitalism works.

Liberalism has a utopic view of the world, one that is not realistic and based on the premise that the government can make life better when in fact we know that when given the right tools and left to their own devices, people can better themselves.