What Day 101 of the Trump Administration Should Look Like

We’re several hours from the much vaunted Day 100 of the current administration, and I can’t help but think, “So what?”  Yes, there are many symbolic interpretations to be taken from this time-honored tradition.  But I challenge you: does it really matter? Is our republic so weak as to rely so heavily on what a man can do in an arbitrary set of days?  Our Founders never envisioned this in the role of the Executive Branch.  Their expectations for government more broadly were never so ambitious.  They were going for progression, not perfection.  And for that reason, I’m hopeful for our nation.  So the better question the President, his allies and the Congress should be asking is:  What does Day 101 look like?

There are many challenges. The President must continue to shift and show the country that he is a leader who came to Washington to govern, and be president for all.  That means taking care of the business of the nation – passing laws, paying bills, diplomacy abroad.  These are the pillars of the republic, and ones we should be focusing on. 

I think Day 101 and the weeks beyond should be spent on three critical areas.  If Trump can show progress there, he will send a strong message to the nation and the world that his is an administration that means business.