Liberals Are The Least Tolerant Students On Campus

I recently read an article published by The Federalist that discussed a survey by Dartmouth College that showed Liberals are the least tolerant on campuses.

Which isn't a surprise when you read about or watch on tv the protest going on at college campuses across the country. Even Ann Coulter had to cancel a speaking engagement at University of California at Berkeley after students threatened violence.

Liberals have coddled these kids into believing that their views are the only right views and that is not how freedom works. Colleges have become bastions of liberal thinking, that claims to be inclusive until you disagree with them. And unfortunately for these kids, when they get in the real world they will learn soon that no cares about how they feel.

We have to stop baby our kids and prepare them for the harsh realities of life. Allowing them to throw temper tantrums because someone disagrees with them is not only problematic but will not help them has they journey through the harsh realities of life.