The United States is a much larger and more diverse country

I cannot help but continue drawing inspiration from our proud nation, despite the divisiveness and seemingly anger that is so pervasive. The United States is a much larger and more diverse country, yet even here we should find more opportunities to come together as one group of people to celebrate the incredible blessing of living on this amazing land. 

As we continue to heal from the sharp rifts that were crated by the most recent presidential election, we must remember where we have been and where we want to go. We owe an eternal debt of gratitude to the veterans who put everything on the line for us all, and we must continue to teach our children about the sagacity of our founding fathers, who laid a strong foundation for the beacon of inspiration and freedom we have become. 

As Americans, we can do so much more when we are united than divided. Our country has demonstrated a unique propensity to come together, but this has often been following times of distress, such as emerging from the Civil War, prevailing in World War II, overcoming the Great Depression and moving past the attacks of September 11. We need to constantly remind ourselves that in good times and in bad, we are all Americans. 

We are all entitled to our own opinions and political views about how best to manifest the kind of country we want, but that must never be a cause of perpetual conflict.

America has achieved so much in the past, but we also have limitless promise ahead of us. Each of us must recommit ourselves daily to doing all that we can do to make this country a better home for all of us. That is our challenge, but it is also our destiny.