Build out the team

This task seems insignificant for a new president, but the effect of its failure has reverberations felt throughout government.  In his best-selling book Good to Great, business guru Jim Collins writes that a hallmark of successful organizations and leaders starts by getting “the right people on the bus.”  The federal government is very large, with many executive slots that remain empty.  I believe to my core that small, easy accomplishments can start occurring just by having like-minded personnel at the helm channeling Trump’s agenda day in, day out. That’s a task that Kushner and Priebus can take on collectively and show others in the White House complex that they can work together for a common good.

It all goes back to governing.  The American electorate is ready for this change, and because government permeates every facet of our lives, they will start to see the change even in their daily activities.  Make America Great Again is more than a slogan.  It’s a pursuit that can and must encompass even the smallest functions of government in order to live up to the weightiness of its words.