The media is out to get Trump

Since being elected the 45th President of the United States, the mainstream media has been after President Trump, looking and hoping for any and everything to derail his young campaign. They built him up during the presidential race, falling head over hills for his brash style, constantly analyzing how different of a candidate he was and how he was constantly defying all odds, and now they are doing everything they can to tear him down. The built him up, and now they're tearing him down. 

Despite not having any evidence that President Trump had any involvement in the Russia scandal the media has become obsessed with it. It has become a daily distraction for the administration and the American people. We haven't talked about any substantive issues in weeks, not because the president isn't trying to solve the problems he was elected to solve, but because the media want's nothing more than to see Donald Trump fail. 

Trump's failure for the left gives them validation about Trump and Republicans; they feel that his failure would prove that they have been right about us as conservatives. The narrative that we are out of touch with most of American and are incapable of fixing the problems we currently face. And the idea of Trump having policy victories that improve the economy, creates more jobs and returns healthcare to the American people, is just too much to handle. 

Like puppet masters, the mainstream media wants nothing more than for us, the American people to listen, believe, and follow their every lead. However, that is not the role of the media; they aren't the judge and the juror, they don't get to usurp the will of the people by persuasion and half truths. Their obligation is to be fair and balance, but in today's climate that would seem like a task all too daunting. 

Sure, the president hasn't always made the best statements or decisions, but as someone new to politics, he is going to make mistakes that seasoned politicians wouldn't make, but this is why "We the People" elected to be president because we wanted something different. A leader who wasn't politically correct, someone who is brutally honest, but will to work tirelessly on behalf of the country and person is Donald Trump. 

We only have one president at a time, and regardless of their flaws, we have to build him up so that he can do the job of the people. And while we want our media to do everything they can to hold all of our leaders accountable, they shouldn't go out of their way to destroy them based on claims unproven. Nor should they at every turn paint a narrative that is not entirely reflective of the facts. It creates further division and chaos.

As some point, we have to end the constant bickering and back and forth. However, that will never happen no matter what President Trump does if the media doesn't refocus and remember it's role in society. Not even the best leader could govern effectively in this climate, which is why the media must end their constant attempt to destroy Trump. When he does something great we must applaud him and we he messes up we must remind, but we shouldn't attempt to tear him down and destroy him because no one benefits and the only people who will end up hurt, in the end, is the American people, and we deserve so much better.