ISIS claims responsibility for terror attack in Manchester

The terror group has reportedly struck again, though they haven't provided evidence of their involvement yet, the group claims responsibility for the attack that took the lives of 22 young people and injured dozens more. The barbaric acts against humanity in Manchester, England is another reminder of our dangerous the world has become and how important it is for us to defeat the ISIS and rid the world of their presence. 

Our children are our most precious gift from God and the thought of them not being able to attend a concert of one of their favorite artist because of a terror attack is something no parent should ever have to fear, but unfortunately, that is today's reality.

It is disheartening to me that so many young people lost their lives before their lives even began, and I pray for their families during this tragic and difficult time. However, I have confidence that we will continue our efforts to defeat ISIS because they are a threat to our very existence. As President Trump noted during his trip to Saudi Arabia, Muslim countries must be involved with destroying terror groups wherever they are because not only are they a threat to our children and way of life, at some point they will be a threat to theirs as well.