Pulling out of the Paris Agreement was the right decision

Politicians are elected, and time after time, we complain about how they made promises while running for office, but never follow through on the things they promised, well President Trump has followed through on something he has promised by pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

Whether you like his decision or not, he has kept a promise to the million of Americans who put him in office, and that is his obligation as president. For far too long, politicians have behaved like demi-gods, telling us what to do and finally, we have someone in the White House who respects and listen to the will of the people. 

Our leaders are elected to serve the people, not serve themselves, and no matter what your position is on this issue, no one can deny that President Trump is doing just that. Any agreement the United States enters into should have America's interest at the forefront and should be crafted with the inclusion of the Congress, which is the body that directly serves the people. 

I applaud the president on keeping his promise to the American people and pulling out of the Paris Agreement. He was elected to serve the people who elected him and he did just that.