Middle Eastern Countries need to help combat Terrorism

Terrorist continue to stop at absolutely nothing to obstruct our way of life. The freedoms, liberty, and justice that we so proudly embrace are a threat to the very idea of their existence because they rely on compulsory force and fear to control. 

ISIS, like every other terrorist organization before it, has one goal and one goal only and that is to interrupt the livelihood of any free society. They go about this task by kidnapping our innocent and terrorizing our cities with attacks similar to the one we saw in Manchester, England.

The United States has led the fight against extremism for decades, but this a different animal that requires strong condemnation and support from countries in the Middle East. 

Terrorism in London and the Muslim leadership must do more in speaking out more forcefully and with punitive consequences. They must constantly condemn their thinking and destructive course. 

Just retiring from London, where over the past 21 days they have been hit with terrorism. While we stand firm with one of our oldest allies, the only way we can effectively fight terrorism is with the help from Muslim leadership, who suffers the greatest consequences of this senseless violence. 

ISIS must be destroyed at all cost, but we can no longer solely depend on law enforcement and the intelligence community. It is time for Muslims around the world to take a harsher stand and stronger role to bring this to a screeching halt. Those in the Middle East must step up and hold their end of the bargain.