Bernie Sanders wife being investigated for bank fraud

Things are heating up for Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders as federal investigators interview half a dozen people and hauled off more than a dozen documents from Burlington College, the school Jane once led as its president.

In a shady deal, Jane convinced board members that they had millions of dollars in commitments from donors while the board agreed to a $6.7 million dollar loan.  The trustee members later learned that a majority of the alleged donors never agreed to give the amounts of money Jane Sanders claimed. The deal was so catastrophic for Burlington College, it had to close its doors a year later. 

Jane was hired as president of Burlington College in 2014 because the school believed she could raise its profile and raise money. Instead, she misled the board, and her negligence caused the school to close its doors. 

It's simple: Jane Sanders lied to the board and lied to the bank. She lied by claiming the commitments from donors that led the bank to grant the loan and led the board to accept the loan, but it was all based on a lie.