Proud to be an American

I'm on vacation in Tuscany, and as I look out across this beautiful place and meet so many wonderful people, I can't help, but realize that there is no place like home. Despite the political drama that currently has captivated the country despite all of the tension and strife we remain the greatest country in the world. As I travel, people are still so fascinated with America asking about the things they see in the movies from western movies about Texas to New York to LA the curiosity about what makes America so great doesn't seem to go away.

I wanted to write this blog this morning because I wanted to assure you that we are still the beacon of the world. The media may continue to divide and conquer, but at some point, we all need to wake up and realize that we're Americans and to be an American around the world means something; It's something we should all be proud of and embrace. The mainstream media is using us all as pawns to create record breaking ratings and gain advertising dollars convincing us all that the world looks at us in such an unfavorable light, but the reality couldn't be any further from the truth. 

We need to wake up my friends and safe enough choas, it's time for us all to work together because the world is watching and they need an America that is strong and continues to lead from the front, but as long as we allow the media's interest to supersede the interest of the nation we will continue to be in trouble. Just remember, to say that you're an American around the world means something and it's a badge of honor we sould never take granted, now let's right this ship because the world is watching.