The failure of healthcare reform

Hard not to lay some of the blame at the White House door as it pertains to health care reform. We need a healthcare system that works, and Obamacare isn't working, at this point, I wouldn't be against President Trump having a summit and inviting Democrats to fix this and open some comity. We cannot continue to work on policy in a partisan way. The American people deserve so much more than that. 

At some point, our leaders need to get over their egos and hyper-partisan jargon and pass something meaningful that will help the American people instead of hurting our wallets. Enough is enough; it's time for them all, Republicans and Democrats to step up and do what they were elected to do or go home. We need a new slogan: Do you job or go home! This has dragged on long enough, and it's time for our leaders, including the president to be adults and get something done!